Marlo Marrero

Marlo Marrero

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Self Portrait

My personal photography is very much based in questioning identity, mine and my surrounding communities. I am mixed, half white and half Puerto Rican. 

I have my Masters in Photography from the Hartford Art School. I have received a couple of grants and I have been included in exhibitions all over the country.

My last real gig with photography was a while ago. I am making art, just haven’t gotten it out there much. The folks at Woodstock Center of Photography have been good to me. My 2006 Woodstock A-I-R residency was amazing even with my 6 month old son in tow.

In my most recent work, the vagina is a point of departure. Yes, for those of you who know me I have returned to the vagina. I have selectively photographed the mid region, (clothed): hips, thighs, vagina and buttocks. The power that I see in the women that I have photographed is stunning and provocative. I want to challenge the viewer with ideas about power and clothing styles. My work during the last 10 years has been rooted in the Dominican Republic. I am thrilled to finally realize this idea into photographs.

I teach photography at a boarding school for high school aged girls who are smart and independent. They inspire me.

I occasionally mother my 3 and 5 year old sons when they let me. They are independent creatures, artistic and on the move. They have kept me busy in the last few years.

My soul is rooted in the Dominican Republic. I spend as much time there as I can with my husband and his “family values” family. I am determined to create a new and improved garbage removal business there.