Marlo Marrero

Marlo Marrero

Photography Art by Marlo Marrero



Self Portrait

My personal photography is very much based in questioning identity, mine and my surrounding communities. I am mixed, half white and half Puerto Rican. 

I have my Masters in Photography from the Hartford Art School. I have received a couple of grants and I have been included in exhibitions all over the country.

My last real gig with photography was a while ago. I am making art, just haven’t gotten it out there much. The folks at Woodstock Center of Photography have been good to me. My 2006 Woodstock A-I-R residency was amazing even with my 6 month old son in tow.

My soul is rooted in the Dominican Republic. I spend as much time there as I can with my husband and his “family values” family. I am determined to create a new and improved garbage removal business there.